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Welcome to KS CCTV & SECURITY SYSTEM, your trusted partner in comprehensive security solutions headquartered in Johor, Malaysia. Specializing in CCTV installation, alarm systems, and seamless integration of CCTV with other security measures, we are committed to safeguarding your residential and commercial properties. Our expertise extends to door access security, ensuring controlled and monitored access for enhanced protection.
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Security System for Every Space
Explore our comprehensive security services, including expert CCTV installation, seamless alarm integration, and cutting-edge door access security. Safeguard your space with our tailored solutions, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and gated residences alike.
CCTV Installation

Enhance security with our precise CCTV installations, offering comprehensive surveillance tailored to your needs.

Alarm Integration

Stay ahead of threats with seamless alarm integration, creating a responsive security network for instant breach detection.

Door Access Security

Improve entry control with our solutions, ensuring secure and convenient access management for businesses and residences.

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Enhance Safety
Explore our gallery showcasing the excellence of our installations.
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Your Trusted Partner

High-Quality Cable

Improve your security with top-notch cables, ensuring robust performance and longevity in our installations.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Rely on over 10 years of industry experience, benefiting from our seasoned professionals' knowledge in evolving security technologies.

Honest Consultation

Receive honest consultations that prioritize your needs, ensuring informed decisions for your security requirements.

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